Cotton Nut Milk Bag




1 XL 12×12 Cotton Nut Milk Bag

  • 🌿EXPERIENCE THE FUN OF MAKING HOMEMADE NUT MILKS TODAY – Discover the joy & excitement of making homemade nut milks, juices, and cold brew coffee with your natural reusable nut milk bag. Premium pro quality each nut milk bag is beautifully handcrafted with love and care to bring you the ultimate nut milk experience. Designed with a large opening so you can easily pour into the filter with no added mess or fuss. Plus a drawstring to pull closed preventing anything from escaping!
  • 🌿QUICK & EASY TO USE – Simply pour your pre-blended nut milk into the filter & pull the drawstring closed. Apply pressure and squeeze the bag, don’t worry it’s REALLY EASY. Watch fresh clean nut milk flow out of the filter. You’ll NEVER have to filter your almond milks or cold brew coffee twice. Now give the filter a quick hand wash and let air dry. So EASY and SIMPLE, ANYONE can do it!
  • 🌿WHAT ARE THE BENEFITS OF LEMUN COTTON NUT MILK BAGS? We are made with high quality 100% CERTIFIED ORGANIC COTTON making them a SAFE and NATURAL choice for juicing food. Specifically designed to filter the best cup of nut milk every time. Don’t worry about any added taste or pulp as our nut bags are unbleached with premium filter cloth. Each nut bag is made to last with commercial grade double stitched hems to easily keep up with all your juicing needs.
  • 🌿MAKE NUT MILK & HELP THE ENVIRONMENT – Our mission is to change our current practices – the overuse of plastics that are polluting our environment. We have a huge passion for giving back to our planet to create a healthier environment for us today and for our families future. By using your reusable ECO-FRIENDLY NUT MILK BAG you’re contributing to a plastic-free future and a cleaner environment for our good earth.
  • 🌿WHY CHOOSE LEMUN? – We focus on providing you with the best value and best customer experience. We are a small family-owned business and put our passion and love into all our products, we guarantee the best NUT MILK BAGS on the market or 100% money back! We want you to have the best experience with lemun so our service doesn’t end after checkout. We take pride in #1 customer service the entire life of your product.